Prefabricated Garage Kits

Prefabricated Garage Kits Are Great!

Prefabricated garage kits are so much easier and quicker to install than designing and building your own garage from scratch.  Usually the cost of a prefabricated garage will also be very competitive and in most cases less costly than purchasing the materials on your own.

Purchasing a prefabricated garage kit will come with blueprints and garage floor plans that are pre-approved in certain jurisdictions.  In almost all cases you will still need to get local building inspector approval, and all of the appropriate construction permits. However, by using pre-approved plans from a prefab garage kit most building departments are much more lenient in their approval process.

You have the flexibility of building the garage yourself using the materials that are supplied by the vendor, or hiring a local contractor to assemble the garage, or in some cases the manufacturer will also provide an option of assembling the prefabricated garage as part of the package.  Of course this will cost extra and in most cases the actual assembly and construction will be equal to or slightly more than the cost of the prefab garage kit itself.

Unless you hire an expensive architect to create a professional design and blueprints for your custom garage, the plans and well-thought-out materials that accompany all prefab garage kits will provide a much smoother and error-free construction process.  When purchasing pre-approved garage plans you are purchasing a tested process where all of the errors and oversights have been eliminated.

One other thing that makes prefabricated garage kits so great is that the design and looks of the garage are generally excellent.  The vendor has had an opportunity to spend a significant amount of money for a professional architect to design the various options.  Then reselling them a number of times to people all over the country spreads the professional design expense over hundreds or thousands of sales.

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Garage Doors for your Prefabricated Garage Kit

When purchasing a prefabricated garage kit one of the options you will have is the choice of garage doors.  Your selection will be limited to some degree by the size of the garage and the floorplan that you have chosen.

This is one of the most important choices you will make with your garage kit since the size and quality of the garage door will have a significant impact on the total cost of your prefab garage kit.  Garage doors that are higher than the standard seven foot height come with a significant cost premium, as well as doors that are wider than the standard nine feet can add significantly to the cost of the entire package.

The choice of raised panels, type of material, and window patterns will also affect the total cost of prefabricated garages.  Generally you can purchase garage doors constructed from different types of wood or steel.  In most cases the selection of garage doors will all be insulated in North America.

Most prefabricated garage doors will be rollup style with a number of sections that allow the door to roll up into the ceiling of the garage.  Window choices generally allow for a panel of windows about two thirds of the way from the bottom of the door with different patterns and architectural features.

You should also allow an additional two hundred dollars for an automatic garage door opener and associated hardware.  Of course installation of the opener and it’s hardware will be at additional cost, depending on your local contractor or whether you do it yourself.

The quality of your garage door will be a significant component of making your prefabricated garage and enhance the look of your house.  This is very important for resale value, as well as aesthetic pleasure.

Almost all doors for prefabricated garage kits generally cost between six and seven hundred dollars for steel construction, and several hundred dollars more for enhanced wood construction.  Remember that the wood will not be solid, but it will add significantly to the look and value of your garage and home.

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Prefabricated Garage Kit Plans

There are a number of options for garage plans if you’re trying to buy a prefabricated garage.  In rare instances you could have a designer in your hometown draw a floor plan that suits your needs perfectly and then purchase a prefabricated garage kit to suit from a manufacturer.  There are not many manufacturers that will allow this flexibility, however there are several that can be found.

A more common approach would be to decide on a vendor for prefabricated garages that meets your requirements for quality and flexibility, and then work with them to choose one of the standard floor plans that suits their garage kits.  In many cases they will actually customize the garage plans to some degree.

Remember, they will only be able to do a certain amount of customizing since one of the big benefits of a prefab garage kit is cost and fast delivery.  This is a result of the vendor already having calculated all of the materials and the exact dimensions for certain conditions and floor plans.

As with any construction you will need to keep the floor plan size and options such as windows, doors and materials within your budget.  Prefabricated garage plans can be purchased for garages anywhere from five hundred square feet to fifteen hundred square feet.

Common wisdom says that for more extravagant homes you should have a custom floor plan designed and a local contractor build your garage to get maximum flexibility and architectural styling.  This is simply not true today since some of the prefabricated garage kits that are available include very extravagant designs and high quality materials.

Many of the prefab garage vendors will include all labor and installation, or you can purchase the materials and design from the vendor, and have a local contractor construct your garage kit as per the specifications.  Remember that you will still need to abide by all local building codes even though these the garage plans have been pre-approved.

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