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Prefabricated Garage Kits Are Great!

Prefabricated garage kits are so much easier and quicker to install than designing and building your own garage from scratch.  Usually the cost of a prefabricated garage will also be very competitive and in most cases less costly than purchasing the materials on your own.

Purchasing a prefabricated garage kit will come with blueprints and garage floor plans that are pre-approved in certain jurisdictions.  In almost all cases you will still need to get local building inspector approval, and all of the appropriate construction permits. However, by using pre-approved plans from a prefab garage kit most building departments are much more lenient in their approval process.

You have the flexibility of building the garage yourself using the materials that are supplied by the vendor, or hiring a local contractor to assemble the garage, or in some cases the manufacturer will also provide an option of assembling the prefabricated garage as part of the package.  Of course this will cost extra and in most cases the actual assembly and construction will be equal to or slightly more than the cost of the prefab garage kit itself.

Unless you hire an expensive architect to create a professional design and blueprints for your custom garage, the plans and well-thought-out materials that accompany all prefab garage kits will provide a much smoother and error-free construction process.  When purchasing pre-approved garage plans you are purchasing a tested process where all of the errors and oversights have been eliminated.

One other thing that makes prefabricated garage kits so great is that the design and looks of the garage are generally excellent.  The vendor has had an opportunity to spend a significant amount of money for a professional architect to design the various options.  Then reselling them a number of times to people all over the country spreads the professional design expense over hundreds or thousands of sales.

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  1. Tim on March 16th, 2009 5:40 pm

    No offense, but why are all prefabricated garageg kits so damn ugly? aren’t there any with some design or architectural style/flair?

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